Most of PHD Group research is conducted on contract basis from agencies with limited or no research capabilities of their own. In developing and implementing a project, the PHD Group usually follows a series of steps to ensure that the client’s objectives are achieved. It also induces research as of national interest. PHD Group staff members work closely with the representatives of the contracting agency in order to ensure that the project objectives are met. Once project objectives are defined, the PHD Group staff members submit a concise proposal for consideration by the contracting agency.  Carrying out research design, data collection, data editing/entry and preparation of report become the primarily responsibility of the PHD Group.

PHD group conducted different types of quantitative as well as qualitative researches in the field of health and population. Quantitative questionnaire surveys in social sciences are carried out for a number of agencies to establish baseline and end-line indicators on social and development trends. Techniques such as focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, case studies, participatory research appraisals etc are used to collect qualitative information on social and cultural norms and values prevailing in the society.

Population and Development: Nepal Country Report ICPD+15 (Completed 2009)

The PHD Group was entrusted by Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal, to review

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