Pre-testing the Radio Jingle and IEC Materials (Completed 2009)

In order to enhance promotional activities, Nepal Contraceptive Retail Sales (CRS) had developed Radio Spot and IEC material (Poster) on “MatriSurakchyaChakki”(misoprostol)” for the prevention of bleeding (post partum haemorrhage).  However, the IEC materials needed to be pre-tested with the potential users of “MatriSurakchyaChakki” to find out about the appropriateness and acceptability of the media messages given in the materials.

For pre-testing IEC materials, five Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) were conducted with married, pregnant and post partum women in Bardiya district. In addition, one FGD was conducted with pharmacists in Bardiya to obtain their views on the IEC materials. Same-sex moderator and note-taker conducted FGDs. In four FGDs, 25 women participated and the FGD conducted with pharmacists included five men and two women.

The jingle and the poster impart knowledge to women and the community about maternal health and the value of “MatriSurakchyaChakki” in preventing post partum haemorrhage, which is a major cause of maternal death in Nepal.