SAAF Project (current)

Currently PHD Group is implementing “Empowering women to access safe abortion service in Gorkha, Nepal” with support from Safe Abortion Action Fund/ International Planned Parenthood Federation, London beginning from 1st July 2018 which will end in May 2021.

Goal:Women and girls are able to realize their rights to SRH and are informed and able to access contraception and safe abortion when needed.


  • Raise awareness of local community members, programme implementers and policy makers about the consequences of unsafe abortion.
  • Strengthen the capacity of 20 local Government health facilities to provide counselling and medical abortion services to girls/women seeking information and services.
  • Empower/educate women / girls on SRHR and safe abortion that it is their right to decide to access and use contraceptive methods and make use of safe abortion service whenever needed.
  • Improve knowledge of young girls and boys of grades 9-12 of project operational areas on comprehensive sexuality.

Women of reproductive age, i.e. 15-49 of three local administrative areas (Siranchok and Ajirkot rural municipalities and Palungtar municipality)are beneficiaries and they number as per 2011 population census about 21,000. The composition of the population of the three project areas shows that 22% are Dalit, 45% Janajati and 33% other (i.e., Bahun and Chhetri).Beneficiaries of Comprehensive Sexuality Education include over 10,000 boys and girls aged 14-17 in grades 9-12 annually in Secondary and Higher Secondary schools of 3 operational areas of the project.

Some important downloadable links –

Baseline study report – SAAF Baseline_Report

Abortion stigma using SABAS tool report – Abortion Stigma SABAS